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Arut Tantasirin
Creator / Animation Director / Artist

Born in 1981, Arut Tantasirin is an award-winning animation director, Emmy Awards nominated animator, creator and artist based in Los Angeles and Bangkok. Arut is the Creator of Warbie Yama, the original character IP developed from his award-winning animated short film, “Cheez...z”. Arut has spent all of his life doing art and animation, something he found to learn about "changes" in life. His first animated short inspired by his own childhood activity called "Rocket Boy", received an award and publishing in Bangkok in 2005. Arut started working as an animator and designer on several recognized projects in Thailand before he decided to come to San Francisco for his Master degree of Animation. In 2008, Arut had an idea for his new short and started drawing the characters "Warbie" a cheeky bird and "Yama" a smiley grandpa. The short, "Cheez...z" received awards and screening in many film and animation festivals across the United States and overseas. The film critique and audiences said that "Cheez...z" delivered good messages to children through the charming characters. The short was also honored to screen as an opening film of a featured movie at Cody Theatre in Wyoming in 2017, then in conjunction with the museum's special exhibition "From the Lands of Asia" at Kimbell Art Museum, Texas in 2018. In November 2022, Arut had made his first grand-scale exhibition "It's me Warbie!: The Inside World of Warbie Yama" at River City Bangkok, Thailand. The 9 zones exhibition transported  the visitors into the world of beloved character Warbie that filled with Arut's original arts, story, theme park, music, animation and special collaborative art pieces. In October 2023, Arut has won Crystal Pine Award for Best Music Video "Shy" from International Sound and Film Music Festival in Croatia.

Arut also worked as an Animation Director at Nickelodeon Animation Studio in Burbank, California. He first landed at the studio as an animator in 2010. His works include Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years, Santiago of the Seas, Wallykazam, Monsters vs Aliens, Robot & Monster and Avatar: The Legend of Korra. Arut received an Emmy Awards nomination from animation on "Wallykazam". Outside the studio, Arut worked with Facebook, Inc. in 2016 to created a special digital sticker set for Thai users. He designed and animated two adorable and playful characters, a boy and a girl representing Thai kids called "Salapao Numnim". In 2018, Arut painted “Jammam”, a chubby boxing boy mural art on Hollywood Boulevard that became a landmark in Thai Town, Los Angeles. This mural art gives joy to the visitors and people in the community. Today, Arut has continued to create the arts and stories with passion to delivering good messages and happiness to people around the world.  

Exhibitions & Events


"Shy" short film screening on Vladem Contemporary Digital Window at New Mexico Museum of Art, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Warbie Yama Theatre - Short films screening at Happening 101 Art Festival

Bangkok, Thailand

Animation Experimental guest speaker, short films screening and live-painting

Laguna Art + Design Collage, California, USA

"Art for Ocean" Balloon art installation / fundraising for marine life preservation project in Phuket, Thailand

Warbie Yama x Hyatt Regency - Warbie's Garden Afternoon Tea (May - July)

Hyatt Regency Bangkok Sukhumvit, Thailand


Warbie represents “5月はThai Month” campaign - Royal Thai Embassy Japan

ARUT x MITSUME  Live painting and charity art for children - 8th Japan Expo Thailand and Thai Festival in Tokyo, Japan

"Art for Art" Balloon art installation / fundraising for old temple restoration project, Thailand

Artist Reviewer Bangkok Illustration Fair 2023


"It's me Warbie!: The Inside World of Warbie Yama" Grand Exhibition

River City Bangkok, Thailand

"Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?" Art Exhibition

River City Bangkok, Thailand

Reviewer / Speaker

Bangkok Illustration Fair 2022


"Tell Your Story" Animation Panel - Bangkok Design Week 2021

Online Art Exhibition - Featured Artist / Speaker / Reviewer

Bangkok Illustration Fair 2021


Warbie Yama's Grand Opening -Exhibition and fashion show

Wanda Plaza, Ningbo, China

"Digital Creator" Speaker - Digital Your Life, Bangkok

Animation and Character panel - M.O.V.E Online Seminar, Thailand

Character and Animation workshops in Thailand:

- Patravadee International school

- Panyaprateep school

- Bangkok University

Warbie Yama tour / meet the creator events (2017 - 2020)

USA, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia and Hong Kong


Character and Animation seminar / workshop

Chiangmai University, Thailand

Creator On-stage Interview - Japan Week Exhibition, Chiangmai, Korat, Thailand


"Character Talk" Speaker - Bangkok International Digital Content Festival (BIDC)

Character Design Workshop - Asia Comic Con 2018, Thailand

Meet the Creator (Warbie Yama) - LINE Stickers Awards 2018, Thailand


Art & Character Design Workshop - Contemporary Art and Culture

Ratchadamnoen Contemporary Art Center, Bangkok

Warbie Yama Creator speaker - Curio Con, Pasadena, California

LINE Creator workshop speaker - LINE Corporation, Jakarta, Indonesia

Top Creator (Warbie Yama) - LINE Stickers Awards 2017, Thailand


Story Panel - Samakkee Summit 2016, Los Angeles, USA

Animation Journey Panel - Seattle, USA

Animation Speaker - Bangkok International Digital Content Festival (BIDC)


Fujiko Fujio Tribute Art Exhibition - QPOP Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

Nickelodeon Art Show - Nickelodeon Animation Studio, Burbank, USA

Art Auction Benefitting the Healing Arts at Family Service Agency

Cartoon Network Studios, Burbank, USA

The Secret Art Show - Burbank Art For All Foundation, USA

RumikoTakahashi Tribute Art Exhibition - QPOP Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

Hollywood Animation Inspiration Panel - Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Thailand


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Crew Art Show - Gallery Nucleus, Alhambra, USA

Art Show and auction for good cause - The Animation Guild, Burbank, USA


Fast and Fantastic: A Future in Narrative Design - Animation Panel

University Art Museum/California State University, Long Beach


Nickelodeon Art Show - Nickelodeon Animation Studio, Burbank, USA

Awards & Highlights


Crystal Pine Award for Best Music Video - "Shy"

International Sound and Film Music Festival, Croatia

"Shy" - Animated short film awards and official selections

- Europe Music Video Awards - Honorable Mention

- Bon Dance International Film Festival (Japan)

- Prague International Sound Music Video Awards (Prague)

- Cannes Indie Shorts Awards (France)

- Los Angeles International Music Video Festival (USA)

- New York Indie Shorts Awards (USA)

- AniMate Australia Animation Film Festival (Australia)

- Kids First! Film and Video Festival (USA)

- New York Animation Film Awards (USA)


Character Of The Year Award 2021 - "Warbie Yama"

Bangkok International Digital Content Festival, Thailand

"Jammam" mural art featured in Los Angeles Times articles

Los Angeles, USA


Character Of The Year Award - "Warbie Yama"

Bangkok International Digital Content Festival, Thailand


Outstanding Individual Achievement in Digital Content - Asia Comic Con

Ministry of Culture of Thailand

"Cheez...z" short film screening in museum's special exhibition

Kimbell Art Museum, Texas, USA

"Jammam" mural art debut as Thai Town LA landmark in Songkran Fest

Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, USA


"Cheez...z" screening as an opening film of a featured movie

Cody Theatre, Wyoming, USA

Creator Interview - 168 Hours, TV program on Channel 3, Thailand


"Way To Happy Award", An Individual Achievement

Nickelodeon Animation's 25th year celebration, Burbank, USA


Daytime Emmy Awards nomination - Animation

National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Los Angeles, USA

"Passion For Perfection" - article on The Nation, Thailand

Business Talk - Animation interview on NOW26 TV channel, Thailand


"Lucky" - Best Animation, LoopDeLoop Animation Festival

Nickelodeon Animation Studio, Burbank, USA


"Cheez...z" - Animated short film awards and official selections

- ION International Film Festival - Best Animation
- Kids First Film Festival - Best animation
- Burbank International Film Festival
- Angelus Student Film Festival - Finalist
- New Orleans Film Festival
- Northwest Animation Festival.
- Nashville Film Festival.
- Savannah International Animation Festival.
- Indie Spirit Film Festival.
- Ojai Film Festival
- Red Stick International Animation Festival
- WoodHole Film Festival


Best Animation Short Film

Academy of Art University, San Francisco, USA


Director's choice Animation Student

Academy of Art University, San Francisco, USA


"Rocket Boy" - Short Animation Award

Thailand Animation and Multimedia


"Bird" realistic art featured in the Faculty's 10th year calendar

Visual Communication Arts, Assumption University, Thailand

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