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It's me Warbie! The Inside World of Warbie Yama

Venue: River City Bangkok, Thailand 

“It’s me Warbie! The Inside World of Warbie Yama” is Warbie Yama’s debut exhibition, a collaboration between Arut Tantasirin, the creator of Warbie Yama, and River City Bangkok, which is behind the success of an array of exhibitions, most notably, From Monet to Kandinsky, Van Gogh: Life and Arts and The Impressionists. The exhibition divided into 9 zones, each revealing a different aspect – Arut Tantasirin’s less-known personal artistic journey, for instance – of the Warbie Yama universe. With colorful designs and heartwarming stories, the exhibition has transported the visitors into a world of whimsy and wonder, where they may rediscover their own inner child.

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